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    Erin Porris - Beachbody Coach

    A fellow Army wife and friend started her own entrepreneurship journey helping women with their fitness/nutrition goals and needed business cards she'd be proud to hand out. You can follow her on Instagram @erinporris!

    Bake Me Cakes

    This highly-talented baker came to me to create a truly unique business card to "WOW" her potential customers. For inspo she sent me the picture in the bottom right-hand corner. Follow her on Facebook here »

    Tarloas Dawson - Personal Trainer

    This was one of my clients with my internship with Fifth Edge Marketing. To the right you will see the back of his business card, two other logo prototypes, as well as a moodboard that was created to reflect his brand.

    "We've Moved" Postcard

    When you're a part of a military family, moving is a normal and frequent activity. These can be purchased and printed from home at my Etsy shop.

    Masters Graduation Annoucement

    This was created for a very special family friend when he graduated from his masters program.

    High School Graduation Announcements

    My sweet friend's son graduated from high school and she wanted something to reflect who he is, who he was in high school, and who he is becoming.

    COL Burris Poster

    When my husband served as an Aide de Camp, he commissioned a piece that he made into a poster which hung in the Brigade Commanding Office in Fort Campbell, KY. To the right are two other examples of posters I created for him to choose between.