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    Cool Dude

    A low-poly portrait of the coolest little dude you'll ever meet. I'm not biased at all.

    Bullys Are The Best

    A low-poly portrait of an awesome four-legged friend. Again, totally not biased.

    My Gram-Beads Elephant

    My grandmother passed her love of elephants down to me & she was a magnificent artist, so I wanted to create something in her memory.


    A fellow Army spouse, friend, and boss babe Catherine Springer comissioned me to make a "Meet the Artist" graphic to portray who she is to her network. Check her out her always-on-trend items here ».

    Digital Degas Wannabe

    Also thanks to my gram-beads, I have an appreciation for fine arts in all its forms. Degas' ballerina paintings were always a favorite because I dreamed of someday being a Prima Ballerina.

    The Juggler

    This is a low-poly self-portrait I created while balancing {using the term lightly} my business, grad school, and a toddler.